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Classical Dance Center  Registration Form
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$20 Annual Administration Fee (per family per year) to Pre-Register for Fall Classes

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Student (s) Name___________________________________________

 Age __________Date of Birth_________________

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Insurance waiver must be signed to participate in classes - I give my permission for CDC staff to call doctor in the event of an emergency.  I recognize the risks of injury inherent in any exercise program and I am participating in the CDC’s program upon the express agreement and understanding that I am waiving and releasing the CDC from any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses, judgements, including attorney fees and court costs(herein collectively “claims”) arising out of my participation in the CDC’s instructional program, performances and/or rehearsal participation and any and all participation in any even or program given or sponsored by the CDC or any illness or injury resulting there from.  I hereby further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CDC from and against any and all such Claims except claims proximately caused by gross negligence of willful misconduct of the CDC.
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Please return your Pre-Registration Form and $20 Administration Fee

to the Studio Desk

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